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10 Magic spell for a Healthy Life

10 Magic spell ( Mantra) for a Healthy Life


"Sarve bhavantu sukhin!

Sarve santu niramanya!!"

The great Indian ideology is concern to universe. We pray for health and prosperity to all human of world.

Ayurveda and Yoga was the basic of healthy life of Indian saints. Our ancient saints lived long and enjoyed their life. We can learn many things from their life. Healthy minds works in healthy body. The meaning of health can be define as "The status, where we can achieve optimum combination of mind, soul and body to use our capacity at maximum level to enjoy the human life with fulfilling all responsibilities". Healthy person not only enjoys his life well but also play the important role in creation of healthy society. We can achieve good level of health with these simple rules and life style.

Wake up early in the morning. We should leave the bed in brahm muhurat (early morning) and try to sleep before 10 p.m. at night. A good sleep of at least six hours is sufficient for us and will help to adjust our biological clock and body language also.

We should take our breakfast like King, lunch as a common person and dinner as a poor means we can include rich food items in breakfast with fruit juice, normal food in lunch with liquid of curd ( mattha, chhachh

) and minimum food in dinner. A glass of lukewarm milk is good for complete nutrition.

In early morning before leaving the bed one should see towards their palms and pray their homage to goddess of wealth (Goddess laxmiji) and god of work (Vishvakarmaji) with smiling face. Before touching the land one should pray to mother earth (dharti mata) and can promise for their efforts to save earth from all type of pollutions. One must start day with USHAPAAN. Ushapaan means drinking of lukewarm water. We can drink up to 1 litter lukewarm water slowly in sitting position on both foot. We should sip water very slow. Some time we can use juice of one or two lime or one spoon of honey with lukewarm water at the time of Ushapan. We also can use one glass of hot water before 30 minutes of lunch and dinner. We should avoid water while eating food.

As we know it’s very difficult to survive in the age of money inflation. Everything is too costly in the market, so, use the seasonal vegetables and fruits they not

only save your precious money but also they will help to protect your health from preserved and not seasonal fruits and vegetable which come with lot of chemical. We should always prefer to eat homemade food.

Food should be taken in SUKHASAN (means comfortable siting with folded legs) while keeping silence and it’s better to avoid crowded place. We should avoid listening of radio, TV, FM, Mobil etc. at the time of meal. One should avoid food when he feels anxiety, anger and bad mood.

Whenever you are confused for your next programme in daily life than you may start walking in the surrounding area. Moring walk is the best at peaceful, pollution free, natural garden or ground. Exercise, aerobics, fast dance, swimming, fast running, climbing all are good but choose them according to your physical fitness and avoid excess, undue competition after crossing of the age 45 years. Easy exercise, yoga, aerobics, etc.

Cleanness and hygiene protect us from many diseases. We should bath daily with suitable temperature of water according to season. We should avoid bath at unusual time. Before bathing we should massage whole body with oil. We should change soap and massage oil regularly. If we bath twice a day than we should avoid soap in second bath.

One should avoid churn (herbal powder), medicine to avoid for improvement in digestive system it’s better to develop good habit to intake light food and light exercise. Trifala mixture, small peeper, isabgol satt, lime water, fruit juice, papaya, amrud, munnaka, ushapaan ( drinking of lukewarm water) can be used for better result. As per Ayurveda one should prefer KHANA MOTA OR VICHARAN PATALA means eat simple and think special for good health.

You can check your breath before any food. If it’s easy to take breath inside by left nostril means it’s left SWARA (breath) and if it’s easy to breath from right nostril means its right swara (breath) . It’s better to take food while you have right swara and its best to take liquid with left swara. One should avoid running after the food but can walk for 100 steps. It’s better to sit in Vajrasan for 10 minutes. One can take some rest after food and can lay on the bed to take 10 breath while sleeping straight, 16 breath in right side and 32 breath in left side.

Our human body is combination of five elements like sky, air, fire, water and earth. We have to input sixth element of human behaviour in it.

Total health

means a cheerful life so make one fun day in a week. People are so busy in current era that they cannot give time to their family members. During cut throat competition in business real happiness has been vanished from life of common person. Most of us are in isolation. Small families have many problems in communication with kids. So one should make his Sunday as a fun day for interaction with family member. Fun day can be start with long walk, some household work but after noon one should go for picnic or movie or to meet any dear person. This fun day may be used to increase inner and outer beauty of human body in their own style.

Above tips are taken from various books, speech of saints and from other resources. These are just collection and it can increase with various information’s and facts. We request to all readers that please find out new things from their study and please include them here. Above health tips are from MY SIDE and we request you to include some health tips from YOUR SIDE. It will be a good collection for all of us.


With respect to all.

Surendra Singh Chouhan