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Shivira is a website that started with an aim to share free high-quality articles across different industries. Our goal is to help readers find the right knowledge they need and to provide a platform for today’s generation to upgrade their skills, while being available at any time. We are more than just a news site. More than just articles of technology, start-ups, investments, finance, business and culture. Shivira is all of these in one place!

It all started when I was on my way back from Kuala Lumpur airport in December 2019. I was so tired both physically and mentally and I needed something interesting to read. The only thing that could have possibly helped me at that moment was some really good content that could be easily accessible anytime. And this is how we began Shivira.

 Our purpose is to make ordinary and complicated things understandable, simple, and easy for the readers to understand. We are committed to presenting high-quality articles without any charge which can be used by our readers for their learning process or just for entertainment purposes.

Our publishings not only cover the latest news in technology, start-ups, investments, finance etc., but also have a wide range of subjects from culture and history with a few recent updates or breaking news being added every day on the Shivira platform.

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