About Us


Shivira stands for Shiksha Vikas Rajasthan is a specialized platform dedicated to Teachers & Lecturers of Rajasthan to share Latest News & Updates. We're dedicated to bring quality educational material and accurate news related to Department of Education in Rajasthan.

Shivira aims to build a Digitized Online Platform for Educational sector in Rajasthan promoting Accurate & Quality News & Knowledge Delivery for Teachers, Principles, Officers & Students.

Shivira aims to bring specialized content crafted by educational experts for students to help them prepare for competitive examinations along with expert reviews of Top educational premises of Rajasthan including Colleges, Schools & Universities. Students will be updated with upcoming Vacancies along with their complete steps to do so they can always get the recent information and prepare accordingly.

For Teachers, Lecturers & Principals Shivira aims to deliver a common platform providing all the recent circulars and performa for which no unified platform existed before Shivira. We have partnered with various media agencies & educational institutes to provide best in class quality material for our viewers.


We are hiring! As much as we’re helping you to know more about

the education world, we’d too, love to get your help to build our organization bigger and better and to help us reach more people. We strive for new ideas along with more unique concepts. We provide a platform where we could help you become smarter, wiser and better.

So, if you can dig deep into your thoughts and are interested in making a career with SHIVIRA, drop your CV to info@shivira.com


Shivira consists of a large family of Education & Technology Enthusiasts who aims to build a centralized platform for Educational Knowledge Discovery in Rajasthan.


The complete project & web infrastructure is owned, built & managed by ABCsteps Technologies Pvt Ltd which is one of the most popular Website Development Company in Jodhpur.