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| On 3 years ago

An open letter to USA residents regarding curriculum.

Respected Citizens of USA,

This is a open letter for all of you with due respect. You are leading world because of your great philosophy and dedication.
I am not trying to pass any comments about yours education system because I'm not fully aware about it. I wanted to give some suggestions for betterment.
As, I know that your nation is committed towards security of each resident of USA .
There were two news published in local news here-
1. First one was about the number of licenced weapons and weapon policy. I was astonished

that there is very liberal policy regarding issue of arms license in USA.
2. Second one was about gun shots by a student in school premises. It's really shocking .
Both news was published on different dates but they looks like connected.
This world is facing several problems like
terrorism, hunger, class differences, pollution etc. As a leader, your role is very important nowadays.
I think that it's time to think about international curriculum for elementary education because we are in era where world is more connected than ever in history.
We have to include many common issues in common
curriculum for all of us like humanity, brotherhood, nonviolence, sacrifice, nature, sign language etc.
We may find that UNICEF can do it in better way. This is just a humble suggestion.
With love and respect.