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BJP Protests as Bihar Government Relaxes Duty Hours for Muslims during Ramzan – Patna News

Bjp: Bihar govt relaxes duty hours for Muslims for Ramzan, BJP protests | Patna News

The Bihar government’s Grand Alliance recently announced that Muslim employees will be granted relaxation in their duty hours during the holy month of Ramzan. This news has received criticism from the opposition BJP, who claimed that this is the first time such a policy has been instituted in the state. They further questioned why Hindus are not provided with similar facilities during festivals, such as Ramnavami.

However, it has been revealed that this is not the first time such a policy has been implemented, as the order was originally passed in December 2000. The Friday circular stated that Muslim staff will receive a one-hour relaxation in their entry and exit timings for the convenience of employees and officials during Ramzan.

The BJP has strongly criticized the Bihar government’s decision, with party leader Sanjay Jaiswal asking why Hindus can’t be provided with the same facilities during Ramnavami. While criticism is valid and important, it is essential to note that the policy has been in place for over twenty years and does not exclusively apply to Muslims.

It is vital to consider the reasons behind such policies before making uninformed comments. The holy month of Ramzan is a crucial period for Muslims, and this policy allows them to observe religious rituals without compromising their professional duties. It is similar to how employees from other faiths are offered leave during their respective festivals.

In a diverse and pluralistic society like India, it is essential to provide support and accommodation to every community’s needs to maintain social harmony. The Bihar government’s decision represents a step towards inclusion, and it is crucial for all sections of society to respect and support it, irrespective of their political affiliations.

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