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Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena Assures Continuation of Relationship with AAP Government Amid Challenges

Ties with AAP govt intact despite issues, says Delhi LG VK Saxena | India News

In the midst of an ongoing dispute with the AAP government, Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena addressed concerns on Friday by stating that although the “dignity of speech” may have been damaged recently, he maintained that relations with the government would remain intact. When asked about the tense relationship between himself and the AAP government, Saxena offered a poetic analogy comparing their relationship to that of a tree and wind, saying, “My leaves fall every day, but my relations do not break with it.”

During the query, Saxena was in the company of CM Arvind Kejriwal and Speaker Ram Niwas Goel, further emphasizing the position that, “it’s our government, how can our relations deteriorate?”

Despite Saxena being the city’s first non-bureaucrat constitutional head, there have been at least a dozen conflicts between himself and the elected officials in the AAP government. This has, unfortunately, led to a breakdown in communication and cooperation between the two entities, causing the ongoing tussle to persist.

It is essential that both sides work to maintain effective communication and work towards solutions that benefit all individuals involved. We cannot let our differences impede the progress of the city and its people. Therefore, it is imperative that both parties work towards resolving their issues and move forward towards a common goal. Only through open dialogue and cooperation can they hope to achieve lasting progress and positive change for the citizens of Delhi.

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