Big Data is Changing Talent Acquisition: 5 Massive Ways

बड़ा डेटा बदल रहा है प्रतिभा अधिग्रहण 5 बड़े तरीके

1. Big Data can help identify the best candidates for a role before they are even advertised. This helps to save time and money.
2. By understanding how to use predictive analytics, HR teams can build a talent pipeline and reduce the recruitment cycle by up to 50%.
3. The average company loses $15,000 for every bad hire. Big Data can help reduce this number by helping to identify candidates with the right skillset and cultural fit.
4. With data-driven insights, companies can measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels in order to improve overall productivity and retention rates

The Future Has Arrived. Meet Predictive Analytics: The New Tool For HR

The success of any company is directly linked to its people, according to a report from Harvard Business Review. Over 71% of CEOs view human capital as the top factor for the sustainable economic value of their business. It can also use predictive analytics to help your HR specialist build and manage a pipeline of top talent.

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Predicting When Employees Will Leave Your Company

Predictive analytics make data you have actionable, allowing you to make smarter decisions about attracting top talent to your company, including sourcing and hiring. It can also help you predict when or whether an employee might leave you for another job.

Find the Top Candidates for Your Job Using Big Data

Big data can be sorted using certain key performance metrics, allowing your company to identify candidates who best suit your top requirements. This not only makes the job of hiring managers easier in terms of screening but also minimizes your risk of hiring the wrong person. Big data and the right metrics can help you identify only those candidates who possess all these things.

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Big Data Helps Streamline The Hiring Process

Big Data helps streamline the entire hiring process. Recruitment managers can identify and screen candidates more easily. This also allows HR teams to identify new and highly efficient recruitment strategies.

The Future Of HR: Up-To-Date Recruitment Automation Technologies

HR experts and recruiters can develop data-driven hiring plans that are up-to-date with the company’s needs and forecasts based on different metrics related to recruitment, such as attrition, lateral movement, promotions, and the quality of the hires.

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8 HR Skills You Can Automate With These Free Tools

Some HR processes that can be automated include sending emails to job candidates, generating quests for candidate screenings, time tracking, onboarding, offboarding, and even vacation and leave requests.

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