The Fastest Growing Cryptocurrencies Entering March 2022: Bitcoin’s “Bottom is In”?

सबसे तेजी से बढ़ने वाली क्रिप्टोकरेंसी मार्च 2022 में प्रवेश

-The crypto market is booming with an overall value of $1.96 trillion
-Most top 20 cryptos are up by 5% on seven-day averages, with Terra seeing the highest growth at 74%
-Bitcoin’s “bottom is in” and is expected to rise in the near future

Bitcoin and Ethereum Weekly Updates: ETH’s Market Cap Falls Below 20% For The First Time


Both Bitcoin and ETH are up over the last seven days, with ETH seeing a 16% increase over the week. ETH’s market cap has fallen under 20% for the first time in 2022. ETH is currently trading at $3026.

Ethereum and Bitcoin

LUNA Just Stabilized The Price Of Its Stable Coins And Holders Can Vote On Governance Proposals


LUNA token is up 73% in the last week. The price is currently $91.65 up from lows of $48 just over a week ago. LUNA stablises the price of the protocol’s stablecoins and holders can vote on governance proposals.

Golden coins

The Market Crash Of Dogecoin


Dogecoin’s market cap has fallen from $20 billion at the beginning of February to $16.5 billion today. DOGE has fallen in the crypto rankings to 13th place, just one above Shiba Inu.

Dogecoin coin and stock chart background

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