2022 Has Been the Best Year

2022 Adalah Tahun Terbaik

• Bitgert is the fastest and cheapest chain to use
• Huge development that has made Bitgert more user-friendly
• Expected to see a surge in adoption as word spreads



The Bitgert Project: One Of The Most Exciting Crypto Projects In The Industry


The recent developments at Bitgert have made it one of the most exciting crypto projects in the industry. It has been leading in Google search trends against even the largest cryptocurrencies. The number of investors has been skyrocketing as well.

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Bitgert: The Zero Gas Fee Blockchain And How Its Tipping Point


The Bitgert project has been trending since the project launched 7 months ago. 2022 has been the best year for this project. The launch of the zero gas fee BRC20 has made it the fastest chain and, at the same time, reduced the gas cost. This makes it faster and cheaper to trade on than Solana and Cardano chains.

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Centcex: A Highly Anticipated Cryptocurrency Exchange


Centcex has exciting features that are making it stand out and popular with the crypto community. The team is going to build an unlimited blockchain-based project. The products include staking programs, dApps, cryptocurrency exchanges, and so on.

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Solana to Lose Fastest Blockchains Title Because of Bitgert BRC20


Solana project has for the longest stood out as the fastest blockchain after reaching 50k TPS and now the 65K TPS. The fast speed and the cheaper gas made Solana one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest adoption rates in 2021. But the coming of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has made it the second fastest chain.

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Bitgert BRC20 Is A No-Gas-Fee Chain

The Bitgert BRC20 chain is faster than Cardano and has reduced the cost of gas to a near-zero figure. The adoption of the chain is expected to skyrocket as more developers learn about this zero gas fee chain.

Shiba Inu Got Left Behind After Bitgert Launched Its BRC20 Smart Contract  Blockchain

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