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Folk Deities of Rajasthan: Ramdev Ji, Baba RamdevJi, Ramsa Peer.


(Preface- Fortunately and with the blessing of God, I got a chance to tell you about the story about our lokdevta (folk-deity) Ramdevji. My words are neither capable nor competent to describe the importance of our folk-deity ramdevji in daily life and emotions of followers who worshiped him. The story of Ramdevji took place in Pokran in Rajasthan. Pokran is also well known for Test of Nuclear Explosion capacity of India also.

As per Indian traditions, first of all we pray to LORD GANESHJI.

वक्रतुंड महाकाय कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभ । निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा ॥

“Vakratunda Mahaakaaya Suryakotee Sama Prabha,
Nirvighnam kuru mey Deva, Sarva kaaryeshu Sarvadaa”

(O Lord Ganesha of Large body, curved trunk, with the brilliance of a million suns, please makes all my work free of obstacles, always.)

After Ganesh pujan we wish to remember maa saraswati, The goddess of education,knowledge art and science, and need her blessing to complete the taken task to describe about RAMDEVJI.)

Folk-deity RAMDEVJI is also known as baba Ramdevji, Ramsapeer and baba. He was second son of Father Ajmalji and Mother Menade. He had born in a Rajput clan of tanwar. His family is related to chandravansi kuru kul. Ramdevji is a folk-deity means he is nothing concern with a particular caste or clan he just worshiped by all rural citizens of all caste and clan in Rajasthan and Gujrat. Ramdevji is equally worshiped in Hindu, Muslims and other religions. His father was king of Pokran and Mother was daughter of royal family of Jaislmer.

As per public saying, once when Ajmalji was going for morning walk . Some villagers who were farmers and going to their fields for farming -just started to back their homes. When Ajmalji want to know the reason for their moving

back, one farmer told him that People don’t want to see the face of person in early morning, which one is not having any child. Ajmalji shocked because he don’t have any children so he felt very ashamed on him. As he was displile of shri Krishna so he moved dwarika, the famous temple at the birth place of lord Shri KRISHNA, at once for the blessing as a son. When he reached dwarika and entered in temple, he forgotten to remove his shoes due to the chain of thought, the priest there were angry to him. Ajmalji was a soldier and he loose his temperament and ask to priest about the God, to whom he wanted to meet at once and at any cost, the priest replied that you can find the God in the sea. Ajamal ji entered in the sea and had meet to God shri Krishna. He
found that Shri krishna was getting a wound at his head, he forgot everything and started asking about the wound. The GOD shri krishna was so pleased to him and told him about the wound. This wound was due to stone which was thrown by Ajmalji, when he was angry in Temple. Ajamal felt very sorry and All mighty GOD shri krishna loved him with kind words and with a blessing that soon he will have son in his family. Ajmalji returned home and they got a male baby and His name was BEERAMDEV. One day when mother menade was busy in house hold work. Kid beeramdev was sleeping in cradle, when she returned to look after beeramdev. She was astonished with a great surprise that tow kids were lying together in cradle. She informed it to Ajmalji and than Ajmalji told her all about his meeting with God Shri Krishna in the
deep sea. Ramdevji appeared not born so he is included in the Avatar of the God. Ramdevji worshiped as a Avatar, Peer and folk-deity but people believe more in his Avatar. As per one sholka of GEETA.

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत ।अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम्‌ ॥भावार्थ : हे भारत! जब-जब धर्म की हानि और अधर्म की वृद्धिहोती है, तब-तब ही मैं अपने रूप को रचता हूँ अर्थात साकाररूप से लोगों के सम्मुख प्रकट होता हूँ।

Yada yada hi dharmasya

glanir bhavati bharata ,

abhyutthanam adharmasya

tadatmanam srjamy aham ।।

Means, whenever there is lot of sin dominate the earth, the God will take birth to remove the sin and to create this world pious and peaceful.

Ajmalji and menade named this graceful kid as a RAMDEVJI, the younger of brother of Beeramdevji.

to be continued……