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Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Confirmed by Senate as U.S. Envoy to India

Senate: US Senate confirms former Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti as envoy to India

Following a two-year vacancy, the United States has finally appointed Eric Garcetti, President Biden’s close aide, as its next ambassador to India. Garcetti’s nomination had been pending before Congress since July of 2021, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had just voted 13-8 in his favor last week. This confirmation is a positive move towards strengthening the ties between the US and India, as the diplomatic position had been left unfilled for far too long.

This is not the first time that Garcetti had been nominated for the role, as President Biden had previously nominated him to the same position in his first two years of office. However, concerns were raised by some lawmakers about the handling of sexual assault and harassment allegations against a former senior adviser, which resulted in the delay and ultimately the failure of his confirmation. While those concerns still exist, President Biden has renominated Garcetti and the Senate has finally given its seal of approval.

Garcetti, a former Los Angeles mayor, brings a wealth of experience to the role, and his close relationship with President Biden is sure to provide a strong foundation for the US-India partnership moving forward. He now steps into the shoes of Kenneth Juster, who vacated the ambassadorial residence in New Delhi in January 2021 after the change of government in America.

We can only hope that Garcetti’s tenure as ambassador will not just fill a vacancy, but lead to a productive and mutually beneficial partnership between the United States and India. His extensive experience and close ties to President Biden will no doubt provide the foundation for successful and meaningful diplomacy, and we eagerly await the progress that will be made.

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