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Girls Education in India: Fighting for future.

Fighting for future

Girls are struggling everywhere and they are fighting for a better future.

Girl kids and teenagers are working hard in rural India and it's a part of our social system. Girls are contributing more than boys for house hold works.This picture is telling all about girls struggle.

After Independent , There is a huge increase in girls enrollment in schools and colleges. Rajasthan is one of the most Orthodox state where female literacy rate was under 15% at the time of Indepence is now crossed 71%.

The RBSE results also defines that girls performing better than boys is secondary and senior secondary results. Even girls performance are too good in various compittive examinations and they are securing more seats in prestigious universities and colleges except IITs.

It's time to give more facilities and opportunities to girls for qualitative improvement in studies for a better and brighter India.

Girls are lacking to understand Science and Mathematics and still feeling unsafe in various parts of Nation. it's our prime duty to give them free, friendly and fearless surrounding to grow better.

We have to focus on mathematics and science in schools for quality improvement in schools. We are also supposed to find new and practical teaching approach to teach these subject.

Our New education policy is in process to release and we expect it will include some special efforts and destinations for science and mathematics subjects.

There are lot of scholarships and schemes to strengthen opportunities for girls education but still crores of girls are still needing direct help to achieve their dreams of higher and quality education.

It's time to give facilities to each and every girl students beyond cast and creed because Diamonds may be find in any mine.