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“Hardik Pandya Forgoes Participation in WTC Final Citing Ethical Reasons”

Won’t play in WTC final as it won't be ethical on my part: Hardik Pandya | Cricket News

Hardik Pandya’s clarity of thought is what stands out the most about him these days. On the eve of leading India in his first ODI against Australia, Pandya was asked whether he would consider returning to Test cricket in the upcoming World Test Championship final. His answer was unequivocal: he doesn’t want to return to Test cricket until he has “earned his spot”. Although Pandya’s presence would have added depth and muscle to India’s bowling and batting, he feels it would be unethical to take someone else’s place on the team. Pandya emphasized that he is an “ethically strong person” and wants to play Test cricket on his own merit.

When asked about the recurring back injury of middle-order batsman Shreyas Iyer, Pandya acknowledged that it’s a deep concern and India would need to “find solutions if he isn’t around”. Although there is no timeline for Iyer’s return, Pandya is confident that the team has enough time to plan for the future. As the stand-in-captain, Pandya confirmed that Ishan Kishan will open the batting with Shubman Gill in Rohit Sharma’s absence.

Although Pandya has captained India in 11 T20Is, he admits that leading the team in the ODIs will be a different kettle of fish. In ODIs, he says you have more set plans, and it’s all about controlling each period of the game. However, Pandya is confident in his team’s professionalism and knows that they will give their 100% in the series against Australia, even though the IPL is around the corner.

When it comes to preparing for World Cup knockout games, Pandya believes that close bilateral series are the best way to learn and start playing under pressure. Although India has been found wanting in World Cup knockout games in the past, Pandya feels that the team is trying new things and being a little braver. All in all, Pandya’s clarity of thought, professionalism, and ethical principles make him a valuable asset to the Indian cricket team.

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