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Special Thanks to Chopasni School

Education is a prerequisite for cultural development

Education is a prerequisite for cultural development and preservation of heritage. Government and private sector paying their cooperation in the education system of the present are the same. “Poshals” and “Gurukuls” was the basic system of education in the Indian education system. These educational institutions were not only engaged to provide education, but also regarded as the major carrier’s culture and heritage in the society.

Material progress is not enough-


this union of cultures during the British rule, we learned new ways to material progress but we started to ignore our linguistic and cultural heritage. Today the entire world looks towards us in search of life values of our nation. Our younger generation wants to move towards Western civilization.

English is just a language-

Primary education in Rajasthan and other states are being managed by government and private sector. All look almost same as far as their curriculum is concerned, but they hold the different reputation in the society depend upon the use of the English language.

We have to save our culture-

The object of Elementary Education is being limited up to holds mastery upon English language and purpose of higher education are becoming mere sustenance is limited to finding better opportunities of jobs. Our vast culture, Indian values and the eternal pursuit of truth finding began arriving at the brink of extinction!

King's time schools are still working-

There are lot of schools is working in our society, those had been established for over 100 years. Many of them schools

are losing most of their existence. They are Struggling with various problems even they have a good historical background, their rich libraries is still waiting for readers and many of them are still capable to make good citizens for society.

In British rule many princely states established the school as per social and cast wise needs. These schools were provided land and building with social reputations. These schools had a long history to serve the society for providing education and their roles in social reforms were very good. They are still able to fulfill their new role with the help of society.

Heritage schools as a flag carrier of culture-

This is the time when we could restore the respect of these schools as a flag carrier of culture. We have to provide them full autonomy for curriculum, recognition and privilege upon rules and regulations. We can start a heritage and culture gallery there with available records and other important materials.

We will find many schools with word HERITAGE in near future.

With respect,

Surendra Singh Chouhan,