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“Himachal Pradesh Implements a ‘Cow Cess’ of Rs 10 on Every Bottle of Liquor in Latest Budget Move” – Shimla News

Himachal Pradesh budget levies Rs 10 ‘cow cess’ on each bottle of liquor | Shimla News

On Friday, Himachal CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu presented the Congress government’s first budget which highlighted a “cow cess” on liquor and a range of welfare initiatives. In his 135-minute speech, Sukhu started with a shloka from the Gita, a sacred Hindu text, and revealed a cow cess of Rs 10 on every bottle of liquor sold, which is expected to generate an additional revenue of Rs 100 crore per year. Besides, the CM introduced a pension plan that will pay Rs 1,500 per month to women in the state, costing Rs 416 crore per annum.

The budget also emphasized initiatives encouraging the use of electric vehicles and making Himachal Pradesh a green state by 2026. Furthermore, the “Himachal Pradesh Ceiling on Land Holding Act, 1972” will be amended, and daughters will be considered a separate unit.

While the original content effectively reported the highlights of Himachal’s first budget, it lacks depth and nuance. Therefore, it’s critical to note that the cow cess aims to protect the state’s bovine population, which has long been considered sacred in Hinduism, while also generating additional revenue. Similarly, the pension plan aims to uplift women’s social and financial status in Himachal, where the gender gap remains a significant issue, and women often drop out of formal employment due to various reasons like childbearing and care work, among others.

Moreover, the push towards electric vehicles and environmental conservation emphasizes Himachal’s commitment to sustainable development, which can boost both tourism and economic growth without compromising the environment. Similarly, the amendment to the land ceiling act, which recognizes daughters as a separate unit, signifies the government’s efforts to empower women and correct the historic bias against them in property rights.

In conclusion, Himachal Pradesh’s first budget under the Congress government signals a departure from business-as-usual economic and social policies. By prioritizing welfare for women, environmental conservation, and acknowledging the importance of bovine protection, the government has shown a willingness to listen to its constituents’ demands while also working towards sustainable development.

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