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There was seven mints in Marwar, viz, at Jodhpur city, Pali, Nagour, Sojat, Jalore, Merta, and Kuchaman : but only those at Jodhpur, Pali , Nagour and Kuchaman were working later.

Gold was only coined at the Jodhpur city mint. Mohars, half Mohars, and quarter Mohars are coined, and largely used of late years as coat-buttons by the well-to-do. They were rarely met with beyond Marwar limits. The weight of a full Jodhpur Mohar was 169.9 grains troy, and it was made of pure gold.

The silver coin of the state was the rupee, half rupee, and quarter rupee pieces. The weight of the original

Bijeshahi rupees, which was struck about A.D. 1761, and which bears the name of Shah Alam, is 176.4 grains troy, of which 6.5 grains is alloy. In 1858 Maharaja Takhat Singh substituted the name of Her Majesty the Queen for that of Shah Alam. Since then the inscription has more than once undergone changes, still bearning the name of the Queen- Empress. Hitherto the Brijeshahi rupees had been equal to , or of more value than, the British or Kaldar rupees; but since the closing of the Indian mints, about 110
Bijeshahi rupees were required to exchange for 100 Kaldar rupees.

There are numerous marks on the Jodhpur coins, placed by Kamgars in charge of Mints, or by other State officials; but the special marks of the state was the “jhar” or the “Turra” of seven or nine branches, and the “Khanda”, or the sword.

The original copper coin of the state was the Bijeshahi which was also called “Dhabbushahi”, on account of its great weight. Maharaja Bhim Singh increased its weight, and called in Bhimshahi, after his own name. The wight was again reduced to its original standard, viz, from 320 grains to 310 grains. The copper coin was now known here as Dhabbushahi, and about fifly-six was equal to Rs 1 Bijeshahi.

The Kuchaman mint coins no gold or copper. The silver coins struck there are called “Ektisundas”.They weight about 168 grains, and are worth 10 or 12 annas Bijeshahi.


4 koris or shells makes 1 ganda
2 and half gandas makes 1 damri
2 Damris makes 1 Chhadam
2 Chhadaam makes1 adhelas
2 Adhelas makes 1 paisa (Dhabbu)
3 and half paisa makes 1 anna
16 Annas makes 1 rupee (Bijeshahi)

Table of Weight

3 and half paisa Makes 1 Chattak
2 Chattak Makes 1 adpao
2 Adpao Makes 1 pao
2 Pao Makes 1 Sher
40 Sher Makes 1 Man

Land Measure

20 Biswansis Makes 1 Biswa
20 Biswa Makes 1 Bigha

Note- The Jodhpur seer weight over two pounds, viz, 100 tolas or kaldar rupees, while the British Seer weight only 80 tolas or two pounds.