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“In India, 15,000 Women Have Breast Reduction Surgery in 2021” – India News, According to Reports

15,000 women underwent breast reduction operations in India in 2021 | India News

Breast reduction surgeries are becoming a popular choice among Indian women who are suffering from physical and psychological problems due to their heavy breasts. While breast implants get a lot of attention, almost double the number of women who got implants in India in 2021 also opted for breast reduction surgeries, and almost equal numbers opted for breast lift procedures which result in ‘smaller’ looking breasts.

“I always felt my body was out of shape because of my breasts, and it made me very conscious. I had developed a stoop, I lacked confidence and chose to swim only when I was the only one in the pool,’’ said a corporate lawyer who underwent a reduction surgery in December 2022.

According to plastic surgeons in India, heavy and fibrous breasts are a common symptom among Indian women, with cup sizes such as G, H and beyond not proportionate to the rest of their body. Not only do women with heavy breasts tend to lean forward or slouch, they also develop lower back pain, have to pull up bra straps so tight they develop dark lines and ulcers, and even experience shoulder pain. Reduction surgeries are seen as necessary for such women, to help alleviate discomfort and pain.

The cost of breast reduction surgery in India ranges from Rs 1.5 lakh in small hospitals to Rs 4 lakh in super-specialty ones, but health insurance does not cover it as it is seen as cosmetic surgery. However, many women find the investment in their well-being and self-esteem to be worth the cost.

For women like Pooja, who underwent breast reduction surgery after her daughter was born, the experience was liberating. “I feel confident at the workplace. I don’t know why I wasted 10 years in not doing the surgery.”

While breast implants might be the more popular cosmetic surgery procedure globally, many Indian women are finding that breast reduction and lift procedures are offering them much-needed relief from physical and psychological problems. With increased awareness and understanding of the benefits of these procedures, more women in India may choose to explore these options in the future.

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