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Independence Day

Independence Day Speech English :

India got freedom on 15th August 1947 and now after seventy two years, its time to talk about the status of a common person as an independent human. Independence is a status for a person, family and for a nation to enjoy his freedom within constitution, relevant rules and regulations. To be free and remain free is the prime wish for each bird and for every freedom fighter. Human behaviors is quite a paradox and difficult to understand , because as a person he wants to remain free from all boundaries but want to keep all useful things and leaving creature under his cage. This paradox creates unrest in looser’s side and they create movements everywhere. These movements
are known as freedom movements, satyagrah, strikes etc. British came to India and started business with local rajwaras and public. Meanwhile they found that India is not only rich in natural resources but also fully loaded with treasures accumulated by Desi rajwaras and other kingdom. So they made a master plan to acquire both of them. They worked with the policy of ‘DIVIDE AND RULE’. India lost its independence and Indian kings had to follow the instructions given by the Emperor of England. Many freedom fighters fought against it and at last we got our independence in 1947. From 1947, We are free to plan and work to achieve the happiness and to ensure progress to all Indians. Our internal affairs are decided by
the constitution which is adopted on 26thJanuary 1950. We all Indians are abide to follow our Constitution. Its one of the best, described and written bundle of rules and regulations. The Loksabha is empower for required amendments. From Pandit Nehru to Mr. Narendra Modi, 15 Prime Ministers got honor to speak from Red fort to the residents of India. These most important speeches show the present conditions and our way and vision for future. India is very close to achieve the position of develop country soon with the help of our well learned population in various sector with strong visionary leadership. In spite of all merits we have to work in some areas like gender equities, brain drain, price hike, increasing population etc. We have to
keep close eye on our large boundaries, students unrest due to reservation system and towards terrorism. Our judiciary system is an assets for us and our courts are actively concern with their social responsibilities also. Next generation of leaders are also serious about their concern and well equipped with experience of senior leaders education. Growing sports facilities are available to youth, where they can work hard and can show their abilities also. India is now turning as a Educational hub and being a hot spot for medical tourism. We know that a common or marginal person is facing some problems in daily life in many areas but we are quite hopeful about the future. We salute to all of our freedom fighters, farmers, students, social workers, technocrats,
scientist, teachers, jawans, bureaucrat etc for their hard work. We are thankful to all of our SAHEEDS, media person and last but not least to the common person of India, who worked silently for the development of the country.

Jai Hind and Jai Hind ki Sena

Jai Jawan, Jai Kissan, Jai Vigyan

Divyanshu Singh Chouhan,

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