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LORD GANESHA: story in english, ancient folk story of Rajasthan.


श्री गणेशजी की पुरातन कथा।

Ancient Temple of Lord Ganesha was famous in a village of India. Lord GANESHA is the beloved son of God Shivji and Goddess Parvatiji. In Sanatan religion, Ganeshji owns a special preference in all Gods. Each pious work starts with the name and worship of Ganesh ji. Lord Ganesh ji loves sweets and always accomplished with his companion mouse.

The villages had great faith in the temple. Every villagers went regulary to the temple with flowers and sweets. A young boy aged 14 years was also a regular visitor of the temple. He was a poor boy so he never brought sweets or flowers for his lord but he always go there with his food. He first offered his food to statue of Ganeshji and than took his food. It was his routine. He never missed it.

Once, in a rainy season. It was a heavy rain

in the village. The village turned into a water pond. All villagers stayed in their home. The prist was alone in the temple with the statue of lord Ganesha. The young boy cooked his food however and went to the Temple. It was such a hard task for a boy to reach at temple in the rain. However he managed to reach and offered his food to staute of Lord Ganeshji as usual.

The lord Ganeshji was astonished to see the boy in the temple. He praise regularity and decipline of the boy in his mind because the boy was only one who approached to the Temple in that adverse condition on the day. Lord Ganeshji felt the abosolute love, dedication of the boy and appeared in front of the boy in look of old man. In a disguise of old man he asked many things to the boy.

Old man – Son, today is heavy rain. Why do you come to the temple facing such a risk?

Boy – oh yes, it was a heavy rain but I have to follow my rules. With my adopted rules I have to offer my food first to the lord.

Old man – It’s not Lord Ganesha, it’s a statue. Do you think that this staute eats your food daily?

Boy – No, I know this statue can not eat the food.

Old man- than why do you offer your meal daily to the statue?

Boy- I know our Lord Ganesh is too busy for look after to each soul of the universe, so it’s my duty to ask him for his food. I offer my food to the stautu and than I feed it to any other weak creature. I wish to help my lord. In this way I want to render my services to my lord.

Lord Ganesh was so impressed with answer of the young

boy and appeared in his real appearance in the front of boy. When boy saw the lord he worshiped him with love in heart and tears in eyes. Lord Ganeshji was very happy with the boy and with pleased heart he allow the boy for any one demand from him. The boy said innocently that he didn’t require any thing except the love of his Lord. Lord Ganeshji wanted to give him some thing special.

After many requests the boy was ready for demand from lord and he demand in these words-

“Bar bar kya mangu, Var shanivar ko,

Paste ka paisa mangu, patto gujrat ko,

Jhali na jhorka mangu, hilyo duliyo khat ko,

Do roti gehu ki mangu, upar bachko bhat ko,

Parosne wali aise mangu jaise phool gulab ko."

बार-बार कई मांगु, वार शनिवार को,

पास्ते को पहियों मांगु, पट्टों गुजरात को।

जाली ना झरोखों मांगु, हिल्यो ढुलयो खाट को,

दो रोटी गेंहू की मांगु, ऊपर भचको भात को।

परोसने वाली एड़ी मांगु, जाने फूल गुलाब को।।

Means, why should I demand several times. Lord, its better to demand at once because it’s Saturday and as belief when things comes on Saturday they will remain with us forever. I don’t want to demand any thing but if you want to give me than please oblised me with your blessings. I demand for lot of money with ownership of Gujrat (Gujrat is the most fertile state of India), comfortful life, simple meal and a beautiful wife like a rose.

Lord Ganeshji smiled for the intelligence of the boy because he demanded all comforts of the life. He blessed him.


Hey God, make us capable to serve the universe as we want to serve you. Make us capable to remain regular for good work. Also bless us as you bless to that young boy. AAMEEN.

With respect to all,

Surendra Singh Chouhan