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Success is always very near to you, but you denied it with lot of efforts, so go…. And grab it. I am working from last 28 years and several times I got success and lot of time I missed it. Here I want to share all of my experience with you. Please follow these steps and I promise you a great success, which is just waiting for you.

  1. Get up early in morning, drink two or three glass of lukewarm water slowly. Enjoy little bit morning walk, exercise and mediation four or five times in a week. You also can enjoy hard work out or long cycle trip or picnic on holiday.
  2. Leave home early than others and reach at your working place earlier than any of your cadre/class fellow.
  3. Speak as less as you can but never keep mum on subject which are well known to you. Don’t ask questions to any one without knowledge of expected answers.
  4. Try to know maximum about the colleges’ and let them know minimum about you.
  5. Never spend money on undue things specially on stimulating products. Try to save money and always invest them in immovable properties and in your health.
  6. Never talks about your problems and about your weakness in front of pupil who work under you.
  7. Never leaves the basics of job requirement and fundamental of your business.
  8. Always talk politely with females, kids, under staff members and visitors. Don’t engage yourself in hot talks and useless arguments especially about the system and bosses.
  9. Always carry sufficient currency, debit/credit cards, driving licence, necessary medicines, important office notes, contact numbers and faith in GOD & abilities with you.
  10. Speak less than boss, acquired information’s about office more than boss, work and learn more than understaff and do gossips less than understaff.
  11. Show that you are a part of crowd but always maintain a different place.
  12. Never change your behaviour as per the caste, creed, language and position of co-workers and customers.
  13. Try to maintain general data related to total office/working place in a smallest version and all inclusive short notes on issues related to your responsibilities with you, even when you are enjoying with your spouse.
  14. Always reach quickly to your office and to your office members when they are in problem and try to go in last when they are enjoying.
  15. Praise your co-members in public and criticise them in front of them when they are alone.

With love and respect,

Surendra singh chouhan