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Ten Success Secrets of MARWARIS.

Management is art and science for utilisation of limited resources in optimum manner to achieve the target. In modern era there are lot of reputed Business Schools and Universities are engage to teach Management through various technique and developed curriculum. Management is the key for success in each and every aspect of human life. Management is one of the vast subject and include various areas of KARI SHARM FUTYA KARAMknowledge and lot of theories are available to learn.

Real education comes with experience and experience came with working in the adverse conditions. Nowadays there are thousands of the business schools and colleges are providing education for management and some of them holds a unique reputation in the field like School of economic; London, Shri Ram College of commerce; Delhi, IIM etc. There is a long list of other reputed colleges and B schools.

As a science a good manager follows some universal rules and also work as a artist. His art is differ from person to person. A successful managers supposed to follow basic rules with his/her own ideology. Every success is a new story and write down on new papers. There is no short cut for success nor you can repeat others story. If you are a businessman or working as a manager than you have to create your own plan which needed to be suitable for your organisation plus you have to co-ordinate the available resources while using your skills as a manager. Here we will try to understand the most successful and proved system of management, which was adopted by Marwari’s.

Marwar was a state in Rajputana of British India. People belongs to Marwar were/are known as Marwari. Marwari’s holds a great reputation in business world of India and aboard. Nowadays Marwar is spread in Jodhpur, Nagour, Pali, Barmer, Laxman Nagar area of Rajasthan. Marwaries proved their business capacities in several areas and even in worst and adverse conditions for business. Jodhpur is now known as city of charted accountant in India and there is a long list of successful entrepreneurs who plays there role for development of country.

Unfortunately we don’t have any book or study material which can enlighten the system of Marwari management. In Marwar there are lot of kahawats are famous which shows the vision behind the success of Marwari’s. There are so many folk lore, public sayings, stories are available which can help us to understand the vision behind Marwari minds. We can learn many management formulas, techniques and vision from these public sayings.

Success mantra : first

कुँए में होवे तो खेलि में आवे-


" If there is sufficient water is available in tank only than it will comes to the tape."

If there is sufficient water is available in tank only than it will comes to the tape. It’s true, a good manager supposed to know all about the business activities. If the owner or manager knows all about the things than it will show in his/her heir and subordinates. Marwari’s was always ready to learn each and every thing and we have to learn hard labour and willingness to work hard for learning for a great success in business.

Success mantra : Second

चमड़ी जाए पर दमड़ी ना जाए


"we have to save single penny in each business activity."

– Means that we have to save single penny in each business activity even we have to work hard for savings. Marwari’s were hard laborious community and they spend very less of money and their habit of saving creates a sufficient fund for them. They never waste their money and always respect money and we know that money is the most important resource in any business any time. A good Marwari businessman thinks thousand time before any of expenditure. We can see that lot of good business companies declared insolvent due to unwanted expenses on useless activities. Marwari never believe in pump and show they believe in HIGH THINKING with NORMAAL LIVING standard. In current era we have to learn the importance of money and we have to understand that small savings can be turns in big funds and these funds can develop our business well.

Success mantra : Third

माया अंटे, विद्या कंठे


"Money and Knowledge is more useful if they are available at very short notice."

Money and Knowledge is more useful if they are available at very short notice. Marwari’s carry money with them and believe to cram all important data they believe that money and knowledge should be used at once to take benefits of the changing situations of the business. If you meet any old Marwari businessman you will be surprised by his memory and their method to keep money within their reach at once. In practical life we fail to use the opportunity in the absence of liquidity. As a good business man or as a manager we should be careful about our current assets. One good manager should be aware about all necessary data of business to use them. We can use the latest electronic gadget but we suppose to use our mental abilities for quick and better decisions.

Success mantra : Fourth

आगम बुद्धि बाणियो


"Businessman is capable to look into future."

- Thinking about future and quick use of mind is identification of a good businessman. Marwari person were well known for their spontaneously answers and quick decision makings. They can guess better than others due to their regular studies and their habit to keep watch on changing situations. Marwari’s never show laziness toward their business house. We can learn to be more careful, watchful and to keep a good eye on business from any of Marwari businessman. Even when they meet in any social meeting they try to understand the latest market trends.

Marwari’s never show laziness toward their business house. We can learn to be more careful, watchful and to keep a good eye on business from any of Marwari businessman. Even when they meet in any social meeting they try to understand the latest market trends.

Success mantra : Fifth

जावे लाख, पण, बचे साख


"Protect business repo at any cost."


WILL is the most important assets. One can afford to lose many assets to protect the good will of the owner and business. Marwari businessman always careful about their commitments about quality, delivery time and to fulfil the condition of the contract. In long run the good will is the key for all major deals. Marwari holds a great reputation to maintain their goodwill even they can bear huge loose to maintain the reputation. There are many true stories can tell us about the sacrifice of Marwari businessman. Several times they bears the huge loose, even last of their coin to save the goodwill. We have to learn how to protect goodwill? From Marwari system. In current era there are lot of companies grab the market by pseudo marketing tactics but soon they lost their existence and they create a big lose for entire business world.

Success mantra : Sixth

मरया छोड़े ब्याज


"Avoid to pay interest."

= Interest payable is good to avoid as a business expenses. As per one more Marwari public saying that interest never sleeps so it grows in double of the speed. Marwari businessman believes in small savings and to create business funds by them. They avoid to take business loan. They prefer to take partner instead to take loan. They maintain partnership with fulfilling conditions of contract. It’s really a true learning for all business persons to avoid the loan. Nowadays everyone is prefer to take loan even for petty reasons. Here some business managers can advocate about the importance of loan but in my opinion it’s better to arrange funds by internal system is always better to take loan.

Success mantra : Seventh

करी शर्म, फुटया करम


"Never hesitate to start small business."

one should never feed ashamed due to their business activities. Marwari’s are very honest to any business they never care about the size or type of business for false reputation in society. Whenever they start any business they put all of their capacity to develop the business and their tiny business turns in a big business house. As a

manager we have to learn that no business can be taken as a small business because there is no limit of sky. One should take decision as per their own conditions and can start business as a small unit and can grow with it.

Success mantra : Eighth

खरी कमाई, घणी कमाई।


"Must follow business ethics for long race."

Honesty is the best policy. Marwari business man never believe in alteration, forgery or duplication of the goods. They deal fair and believe in honesty towards contact and for business ethics. These increase their repo and make them able for big business deal. New managers and businessman can adopt this quality in their business and can create a base for a huge emperor of their business. Honesty must pay.

Success mantra : Ninth

ठाले से बेगार भली


"Always carry forward business activities."

it’s better to work for minimums instead to remain free. Marwari businessman was famous to work at very low margin in odd time. These less profit activities make them able to remain in main stream and they wait for right time. Patient is one of the key quality which always pay in long race.

Success mantra : Tenth

दुजोडे हाथ ने ठा नहीं घालणो


"Newer open business secrets even to the closest one."

Secrecy is must in business. Marwari never talks about their resources and they never show their actual capacity to the opponents. They remain cool and calm in adverse conditions and they can take any challenge in the business. They never talk about their plans, their capacities and about their resources. They use to say AAM KHANE SU MATLAB PAD RO KAI KAROLA means they show the result but don’t talk about the process to the opponents.

There are lot of things which can be include in the head of Marwari system of management. We welcome all readers for their suggestions to include any of the concept regarding Marwari vision regarding the business management.

Surendra Singh Chouhan

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