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Not born for work.

Not born for work.

It's better to say that I'm not just born for work. In developing nations, people are so busy to earn their livelihood due to low wages and salaries even they didn't have any time for other important task. It's time to think about those other important issues regarding the human life.


Mostly people leaves their home in early morning and return late. They don't have

any good communication with family members. They only pay their attention when other members caught in big problem.
It's advised that we have to give at least 10 minutes to each member separately and at least 30 minutes in group for pleasant experience of life. The life is a series of relationship and best relationship founds inside homes.


In developing nations , the earning members mearely goes to enjoy cinema, parks or picnic spots. This creates a monotonous life and boost depression.
It's advised to enjoy at least 7 hours of entertainment.


Most of people have their jobs far away from their home and they spends their leaves to stay with family members that's why they can't think about tourism. This is a beautiful world and we have to see some of it. Tourism creats life more beautiful.
It's advised to plan at least one tour in couple of years.

Social responsibility

As we born, grow, learn and earn in society so we are supposed to make it better with efforts. We are supposed to meet senior and ill members in their life not to pay homage in their carnation. We also supposed to enrich our social useful institutions.
It's advised to talk one friend daily, to meet one senior member in a fortnight and to serve one institute in a month.


Most of people work to hard even at the cost of their health in developing nations and finally the becomes I'll . Due to their illness they devlopes burden on family and society.
It's advised to give at least 20 minutes for exercise and 10 minutes for Yoga or meditation.

Surendra Singh Chouhan