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Philosophy : Between the Lines.


The word “line “is very close to the word "border". In my country, we use “line”instead of “border.” There are lines between countries, between ideologies and between you and me.

Several times, I wanted to cross them, I wanted to rearrange them, rebuild them, but unfortunately, I failed. I was never capable enough for that. As I get older, I can see them as very near to my heart, instead of my eyes. I know that everyone on planet Earth knows about these lines, but they don’t want to discuss it. Why? It’s simple. Lines are more important than human life.They are built for protection,then they are protected by us.

Everything is preserved by law or by solid, concrete forts of lies. These lines are capable of dividing us. The powers that be have divided us into two categories – either inside the lines or outside. You are supposed to be inside the lines. You cannot stand in between them, it’s not safe for anyone.

Sometimes people wants to cross the lines . They wants to remain between the lines. They want to enjoy their freedom there, they want to feel the fresh air, they would like to live there, but it is not allowed. This area is called NO MAN’S LAND. “No Man’s Land” means that only birds or animals can stay, but the human race is not allowed there even for a short time.

What are these lines made for? They are made to save the created assumptions of the groups. Groups of people decided there is a God and now this created assumption regarding God is needed

to save these lines. If you are in favor of the group than you are inside the line of Theistic and there are many to protect you. If you deny God, then you are with the Atheistic group. No one really knows how this world was created, and there is certainly no one to tell us the real story now. Some of our seniors, using the best of their knowledge and/or imagination gave have given to each generation their version of the creation of the Universe. They claimthis Universe was the result of God’s kindness to us. Other various studies refer to facts that declare that God had nothing to do with it,it was just a process of nature. The whole world is divided in lines, you live here or there, and you have to select your option. This is the biggest line for mankind. It is difficult to stand your ground if you believe differently. If you have a difference of opinion then you have to face stones from both sides.

As an individual with

many different experiences, it’s confusing because you feel there is a supernatural power that is our generator, organizer and destroyer of the world.You give this power the name of God. Sometimes you feel that a super power doesn’t exist, is it just a coincidence that resulted in the creation of the world? There are accidents of nature which are responsible for destruction and these things generate changes for us. With these forces of nature, it can be easy to question the concept of God.

Your free mind and open heart can aid in helping you determine how you feel about these pre-conceived theories, it’s your choice. It’s solely your decision to present the options to someone who pretends there are solid lines.It’s very rare if they totally agree with your opinions of how this universe, along with the “lines”, were created. They will attack with full capacity and you hopefully, will choose to

move on. Who wants to face that negativity? If you decide to stay there and present your opinion to the naysayers, it’s possible you will find some followers. Your opinion will be followed by those that are confused, have no opinion or don’t want to continue to stay inside the established lines. They will follow you and soon there will be enough capable to create a new line. This new line, although a little different than yours, will also protect you and your assumptions.

This article could be prolonged discussing the many different lines, but it would be a useless effort. It’s better to understand that we have to think outside the lines, always keep your mind open.

With love and respect,

Surendra Singh Chouhan

Special Note- I am thankful to Saundra Lane for her support to correct me in language and views.