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Procedure to change surname of a female employee in Rajasthan


Procedure to change surname of a female employee in Rajasthan
महिला कर्मचारी के उपनाम में संशोधन की प्रक्रिया।

No.F.1(3) FD(Rules)/2017 Jaipur, 15.2.2018

The procedure for change of name of
Government employces been laid down vide
Finance Department Memo No.
F.1 (12)FD(ER)/67 dated 10.4.1967. The matter regarding simplification of the procedure for change of surname of female Government employee on account of marital status has been examined and it has been decided to adopt the following procedure for addition/ change deletion of surname of a female Government employee-

I. Addition/ Change in surname only, on
account of marriage/ re-marriage of a female government employee:

The following requirements may be met
for this purpose-

(i) If the government employees desire a change she should give a formal intimation to her appointing authority of her marriage and request for a change in her surname
(ii) Particulars of the husband may be given
for making necessary entries in the Service

II. Deletion of surname or reversion to
maiden name on divorce/ separation or death of the husband of female Government

-Change may be permitted if a female
Government employees gives
(i) An intimation to the appointing authority
regarding change in marital status; and
(ii) A formal request for reversation to her
maiden name.

There is no prescribed form for items I &
II above. Permission for change/ deletion of
surname of female Government employees
shall be granted by the appointing authority.

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