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“Tamil Nadu Elephant Fatally Tramples Man Taking a Selfie” – Salem News, Reports

Tamil Nadu elephant tramples man to death while taking selfie | Salem News

Tragedy struck near Pochampalli in Krishnagiri when a 27-year-old man lost his life in a misguided attempt to click a selfie with a wild elephant. E Ramkumar, a resident of Kattu Kollai near Barur, had ventured out to relieve himself when he spotted two elephants emerging from the nearby Palacode reserve forest. Fascinated by the sight, Ramkumar decided to capture the moment on camera. He attempted to take photos of the majestic beasts and even moved closer to click a selfie. However, in a sudden and unfortunate turn of events, one of the elephants charged at him, causing him serious injuries. Sadly, Ramkumar breathed his last on the spot.

The incident highlights the dangers of recklessly attempting to take pictures with wild animals. The forest officials point out that elephants are wild creatures and can attack without warning, especially when they feel threatened or encroached upon. In this case, the elephant may have felt enraged or vulnerable to Ramkumar’s proximity and acted instinctively to defend itself.

The forest officials responded swiftly to the situation, chasing the elephants back into the forest and registering a case. The body of the deceased was sent for a postmortem examination to the government hospital in Pochampalli. The tragic event serves as a cautionary tale for all wildlife enthusiasts and selfie enthusiasts alike. It’s essential to respect the boundaries of wild animals and maintain a safe distance from them, for their welfare, as well as our own.

In conclusion, the death of E Ramkumar is a tragic reminder of the perils of attempting to capture the perfect shot without considering the risks involved. While it’s easy to get lured by the allure of taking a breathtaking photo with wild animals, we must keep in mind that their welfare and our own safety should always come first. This incident should prompt us to be mindful and sensitive towards the habitats and lives of these majestic creatures, and to respect them in their natural environment.

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