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US Education: It's time to adopt meditation and yoga.

US Education: It's time to adopt meditation and yoga.

America is on the top in each sector. It's time to talk about American educational system because of many unwanted accidents happened in school like firing in schools.

It's accepted that America is far ahead from most of the nation's educational system in term of physical prosperity. American schools are not only well equipped but also highly managed but I'm pointing towards curriculum.

Education is a need and may be defined in several manner but the happiness and satisfaction are the most important parameters to be achieved by it. You may not be agree with me but I can bet for firing in schools are nothing connected with schools because these problems are developing due to aloneness and depression.

Aloneness and depression are a social problem and it's a result of blind development. We know that every achievement demands for cost and nuclear family are the results of development. In a nuclear family, you can not demands for enrichment of family and social values.

There are lot of problems in Indian educational system but the morning assembly is one of the brighter side. In morning assemblies, we invest 30 minutes with children including yoga and meditation.

Yoga is a exercise of body and meditation is a help to human mind. With yoga and meditation children feels relaxed and happy. Yoga and meditation are very easy and need minimum time and practice.

Note- I believe that we needs central gravity for each system and America is a nation and central force for world so we are giving best of our suggestions to make strongest central power for the world.

I will try to explain some yoga and meditation methods and tricks in my next article. You are requested to write yours comments and to forward this article.
Surendra Singh Chouhan.