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“US Senators Rally Behind India in Dispute with China over Territorial Claims”

US Senators back India against China's territorial claims | India News

US lawmakers are showing strong support for India in its ongoing territorial disputes with China, which they see as an expansionist and predatory nation. Amid worsening ties with Beijing and Moscow, the US Congress is pushing back against China’s claims on Arunachal Pradesh, which they say is part of its increasingly aggressive and expansionist policy. The resolution reaffirms the international boundary between China and India, recognizes McMahon Line as the boundary line, and commends India for taking steps to defend itself against aggression and security threats from China.

This resolution is a reflection of the sea change in ties between the US and India from 30 years ago when Washington and lawmakers ignored matters related to India’s territorial integrity. Although first introduced in mid-February, the lawmakers brought it back on Tuesday as nearly forty Senators co-sponsored a separate resolution urging a strong US government response to any Chinese efforts to clamp down on dissent in Hong Kong.

The US establishment aims to draft India to its side in the growing confrontation with Russia and China. After China brokered peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Biden administration brought together the United Kingdom and Australia in a deal that will see Australia equipped with nuclear-powered attack submarines, an agreement that China warns will lead down a path of danger.

It is critical for the United States to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with its allies in the region, especially India, as China continues to pose grave and gathering threats to the Free and Open Indo-Pacific. The resolution commits the US to deepening support and assistance to the region, alongside like-minded international partners and donors. The US Senators are pushing back against China’s military aggression and expansionist policies and promoting a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.

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