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USA: America's new Role in World Scenario.

America's new role in world scenario.

With regard to America, two facts are well-established that it has been a decisive role in the world from last 50 years and it's also 50 years ahead of almost developing countries. In the future, America may take some important decisions which may determine future of the world.

In today's capitalist era, every country first thinks its interests and decides on its basis, but it is expected from a nation giving leadership to the world that its decisions are humanist, progressive and widespread. Today's American judgment will decide what will be the world after 25 years from now? Materialistic or spiritual, human or inhuman, polluted or clean, Heaven or hell?

This world is very beautiful and it is important to remain focused on the following issues to maintain. While deciding on these important issues the world opinion is also been important for better results.

Global warming.

What is the limit of our consumption? The effect of poisonous gases in the atmosphere is increasing. The developed nations are failing to stop the trend of consumption. Increasing consumerism will highly pollute the world.

We hope that UNESCO will take a real initiative to stop this consumerism. The American role will be very important in this initiative because other economies will also adjust themselves according to American decisions.

International curriculum.

Today we are a resident of a global village and rely on each other. Growing business activities and requirements have made everyone friends. There is a need for a minimum international curriculum to develop a common perspective on improving cohesion and global problems.

UNICEF has done important work in the field

of public education. UNICEF is working throughout the world for improvisation of education. UNICEF is a reputed brand name in the international educational world. Now UNICEF has to work towards building international curriculum. Under the international curriculum, topics such as community, collective, natural, and international language may be developed continuously.


The entire world is distracted by the terrorist activities, and entire humanity is living in the shadow of terror. Terrorism is increasing in new forms, and new places. It is true that America has fought a great fight against terrorism and has spent huge resources against terrorism.

It is no longer possible for any nation to fight this fight alone. A permanent global system has become necessary to stop terrorism. In order to prevent terrorism , Every country will have to fight against terrorism with full capacity under a new international system. America is extremely important for this initiative because the American experience and leadership are extremely important in this direction.

Economic equality.

Excessive economic inequality is a factor of anger and this rage is increasing. Increasing centralization of wealth has started eliminating human equality. Globalization has given financial powers

to the world. Some of the world's biggest companies have such power that they can influence any government's decisions.
The centralization of economic power has resulted in the disapproval in business world of small scale industries and small traders . Large companies are ending new opportunities by speeding acquisition of small companies from indiscriminate investment of funds.
American initiatives to promote small units in business world may change the scenario. In order to support new entrepreneurs and their ideas the World Monetary Fund and the World Bank will have to settle new policy assessor criteria.

Cultural harmony.

Each nation has its own cultural heritage and traditions. Due to this diversity, beauty of the world is increasing and cultural tourism has been growing commercially. International organizations have to forward for the safety and upkeep of these diverse cultures of the world.
The American film industry is world's most developed, talented and resourceful. Hollywood should now include cultural stories and characters spread across the world in place of scientific fantasy, incredible events, and superhuman films.

Note- The original language of the author of the above article is Hindi, so there may be some mistakes in writing in the use of English language and the author has full respect for all the nations in his heart.